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The following discussion surrounding the life and times of Saint Willibrord after death is purely based on fiction. Everything here is an assumption, if the circumstances lead a dead priest to play casino games in either a real or online domain.

This is by no means meant to cause offence to any relatives that may have survived the past 1300 years since his demise. Nor does this look to poke fun at religion, be it Catholic, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhism, Christian, Chinese Traditional, Sikhism, Cai Dai or any other specific to your family’s heritage.  

The start of a hypothetical discussion

Religion is always a bit of a risky business, especially when you have no say on the faith you are born into. But as outlandish as religion is, let us for a moment imagine Saint Willibrord is still alive today, what would he make of the world we live in now? Instagram page, Facebook account, perhaps a Tik Toc profile of his preaching’s. One thing we know is that because the Catholic faith is not against gambling, he will most likely be soaking up the fortunes provided by modern online gambling sites, too, of course, fund his local parish in Utrecht, Luxemburg.

Is gambling sinful?

Unless your bankrolling your gambling habits from your children, then gambling is only inflicted upon the person hell-bent on just getting that one big win, so they can retire and hang up their priest’s hat. In Africa, the situation is approximately the same. You can see it by taking a look at the homepage of this african gambling guide.

Let us not get caught up in the sensationalising of gambling, it is no more harmful to a person than drinking red wine with a Sunday roast. Now, the argument of addiction is a mental issue and this, therefore, makes for a separate argument as to whether or not mental health is a sin.

So, where are we going with this? How about the absolution of any guilt you may be feeling? Sure, you are hereby absolved of any sense of wrongdoing.

Saint Willibrord, the casino king of Luxemburg

What would Saint Willibrord have gambled on if he had lived near two more centuries? Well, being from the north of England he may have taken a fancy on some horseracing, perhaps even stint at the greyhound tracks. Given the recent boom in sports betting online, he’d be completely in his element. This is, of course, complete judgement call given he’s a northerner. Given his wisdom, he seems best suited at a poker table.

Now, when you think about it, given that old Willi was canonized, he’d probably have powers from up on high, that would enable him to cheat his way through any casino game from bingo to blackjack.

Would have Saint Willibrord gambled? Would he have any concept of the principle in paying to take a chance of an unfavourable outcome? No! Gambling didn’t enter Europe until the 17th century, so he missed his opportunity by over one thousand years. If he had lived in today’s real world who knows, maybe, maybe not. The fact stands that his religion wouldn’t have been able to discourage others.

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